Prize Structure

In 2017 we will  have a SINGLE tournament winner, based on the total accumulated team points over two days. The point formula used will be 1 point per pound for a blue shark weighed in with a fork length over nine (9.0) feet, and 1.5 points per pound for any legal mako, thresher or porbeagle sharks weighed in during the tournament (fork length over 4.5 feet). This system will result in the team with the best 2 day combined performance winning the tournament title. In 2017, we will be putting 50% of all net proceeds as prize money for the tournament winner.  The tournament winner will also receive a  trophy acknowledging their winning accomplishments in the 2012 Up North Maine Shark Tournament.  We are currently soliciting sponsors for additional prizes for the winner.

In 2016 besides a cash payout to the winner, they received a Canyon  EX80 Reel.  These reels are top of the line, and have a retail cost of $880.  The reel was mounted on a beautiful custom rod donated by Saco Bay Tackle.  The rod was valued at over $500. (See the picture of the happy winners on the home page.)

The winners also received a beautifully wooden hand crafted trophy made by Captain Buck Johnson. Check out his website at: Circular Saws

Last year for the first time, we did not offer a prize for setting a new state record.  There was no state record set, and the money that normally went into an insurance policy for the prize was given directly to the winning team.  This year we are planning on the same format.  That is, winner take all. The prize amount is directly proportional to the number of boats in the tourney.